Dorothy, Aaron and Rachael Jungels

Artistic Directors

Dorothy Jungels, Aaron Jungels and Sokeo Ros


Aaron Jungels, Co-Executive/Artistic Director

[email protected]

Dorothy Jungels, Co-Executive/Artistic Director

[email protected]

Sokeo Ros, Co-Artistic Director,Director of Hip-Hop Program

[email protected]

Grace Bevilacqua, Grant Writer, Artist, Director of Ballet Program

[email protected]

Justine Jungels Bevilacqua, Director of Video Program,

Fund Development

[email protected]

Robyn Duffy, Operations Manager

[email protected]

Jemmarie Dupuis, Barnstormer, Case Closed! Member

[email protected]

Raymond Fernandez, Barnstormer

[email protected]

Cheyenne Isom, Barnstormer, Case Closed! Member

[email protected]



Sarah Zacks, President

Cathleen Joyce, Vice President

Justine Jungels Bevilacqua

Susan Tacent, Secretary

Bonnie Baggesen, Treasurer

Melissa Crum

Jemmarie Dupuis

Phillip Gregory

Abraham Henderson

Aaron Jungels

Dorothy Jungels

Judith McDonnell

Mercedes  Monteiro

Liz Paola

Simony Resende

Hilary Salk

Mitzi Whittington

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