Everett Police/Youth Initiative

Over the past summer, Everett met with four student resource officers from the Providence police to examine relationships between police and youth.

In our first meeting, Everett actors staged a simple ‘car stop’. It was a true story told by one of our youth. The police were quick to engage in discussion afterward. The focus was on how the police and youth could de-escalate the situation.

It was clear that role playing was a very focused and productive way to study what happens in a moment of conflict. Everyone in the room could clearly see the critical moments when escalation took place. Both the police and youth wanted to get on their feet and replay the scene to create a better outcome.

Officers Everett Dana Carvalho and Ray Majeau with Everett Actors

Police/Youth Promo Video

What’s next?

Everett plans to collaborate with police and youth-actors to develop a model program, to be used both in schools and police training. The program will teach the social and emotional skills needed to establish better interactions between youth and police.  

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