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April 11, 2013
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Freedom Project: Freedom Café at Everett Stage



Freedom Project: Freedom Café

April 18, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Everett’s Freedom Cafés are a series of free presentations that create a dialogue at the intersection of neuroscience, medicine and the arts. They bring together scientists, clinicians, artists, and community members to share their knowledge and experiences in an open dialogue with the audience. The next Freedom Café will be October 30, 2013 at 7pm.

Freedom Project: Freedom Café will examine issues related to incarceration, such as the disproportionate number of prisoners of color in the prison system, and the prison system’s default role as society’s solution to addiction and other mental health issues. The evening will also include poetry and personal stories from a Providence native who grew up in the prison system. The poetry will be accompanied by acoustic guitar from Bertrand Laurence.


Freedom Project: Freedom Café presenters:

James Gillen, LCDP, CCJP, CRC has been an active recovery leader in New England for more than ten years. The face of recovery in Rhode Island, Jim Gillen has developed a wide-ranging recovery education campaign that has reached thousands of Rhode Islanders from policy makers and academics to homeless people and prisoners.

Gillen has worked at more than 20 schools in the last 10 years as a prevention expert. At schools like The Bridge School, Hope High School, Central High School, Classical High School, and many more, Gillen delivered assembly presentations, designed a consistent curriculum for individual classrooms and grade levels, and provided small group workshops for high risk kids.

Gillen was able to dramatically expand his reach when he began working for the Providence Center in 2008, where he created the Recovery Services Division and serves as the Director of the Anchor Recovery Community Center. Under Gillen’s leadership, the Anchor saw 49,000 visitors in its first year and continues to grow, averaging 6,000 visitors per month. Services at Anchor include peer-facilitated recovery support; 12-step groups; special groups for women, men, veterans, and the Latino community; as well as faith-based support groups, career planning support, health and wellness activities and social events.

Gillen has received multiple awards for his work including the national Vernon Johnson Award for recovery advocacy, the Sr. Judy Soares and John Coen Award for homeless provider of the year, the Rhode Island Recovery Advocate Award, the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service and the Rhode Island Counselor of the Year Award. Gillen was featured in Yankee Magazine for community service in New England and selected as a reviewer for the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices.

James Monteiro grew up in the Mount Hope area of Providence. Like many kids from the neighborhood, James grew up without a father figure in the home and it wasn’t long before he dropped out of school, got caught up in crime, and ended up in and out of the prison system.

While incarcerated in Baltimore, Maryland’s penitentiary, James made a conscious decision to change his life. He worked through feelings of low self esteem, abandonment, neglect, and self-hate, and began to challenge the demons within himself that had held him back for so long. He documented his experience of transformation through a book of spoken word poetry called, THE LOST CHILD, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. James will share excerpts from this book at the Freedom Café and will discuss his experiences with the audience.

James is currently spearheading the development of the Billy Taylor House, a program that is designed to give youth from the Mount Hope neighborhood workforce development and enrichment opportunities. The program will help provide youth with a sense of identity and pride and an awareness of their own potential.

Abe Henderson grew up in Providence’s South Side. He is currently the Lead Discharge Planning Coordinator at the ACI for the Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence (ISPN). In this role, Abe helps prepare young offenders for release from prison and works with them for six months after their release to help them integrate back into society. He has researched, investigated, and assessed employment training opportunities and rehabilitative, social, and educational service programs for individuals with criminal records. He has assessed and evaluated discharge programs for inmates prior to release at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute. He has also created and administered nonviolence curricula and programming at ISPN and the ACI.

Bertrand Laurence has been teaching and performing guitar for over 20 years. His students range from 6 to 65 years old. Complete beginners and professionals alike gain powerful insights from Bertrand’s easy method and approach. His body-centered philosophy is based on effortlessness and good ergonomics. Creative, unique games bridging improvisation, ear-training and singing make learning theory and melody an addictive joy by engaging the whole brain. After learning basics, students can choose any songs and styles of their liking and are encouraged to create their own music.


Everett is a multi-disciplinary arts incubator. Encompassing a Company, Stage and School, its ensemble of artists create, perform, teach and mentor new generations of artists within a diverse community. Guided by the principles of collaboration and experimentation, Everett explores complex social issues through a combination of dance, theater, music and video. At the heart of the organization is the belief that the arts can transform lives across cultures, generations, and economic backgrounds, and create a more just, equitable and joyous future.






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