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April 12, 2013
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April 16, 2013

Everett Launches Summer Arts Program

Everett Launches Summer Arts Program

Come learn, share, and perform with professional artists!


This summer (2013), Everett is running their first summer program. Students in the program will take quality art classes, be mentored by Everett artists, and gain job readiness skills. Students in the program will take hip-hop, creative dance, filmmaking, and improv classes. For Providence youth, this program will be a positive outlet during the summer as well as a great learning experience.

Students will build artistic, collaborative and creative thinking skills through performing art classes. They will also have the opportunity for self-exploration, self-expression and self-empowerment. The theme for the summer program is “Who Am I?” Through creating dances, films, and scenes, students will explore this theme and be encouraged to tell their personal stories and speak out through their unique perspectives. The camp will culminate with a final performance in which the students will show their families and the community the films that they have made, the dances that they have created, and what they have learned about themselves through art.

Edgar Viloria, who was an Everett student and is now a Company member and teacher, will instruct one of the hip-hop classes in the summer program. Edgar says he is excited to “create a huge project that incorporates all different types of arts.” Edgar has had experience in Everett’s Company with fusing art forms and experimenting with movement. He says, “to be able to teach that to the younger youth in the community and have them understand how our company works will be great. It will bring up the creativity level… The students will want to explore and become more curious about the arts.”

The camp will run five days a week. Each day starts at 8:45am and ends at 3pm. The camp is meant to be exciting, intensive, and fun. Along with Edgar, the other instructors are Bianca Morris, Clayon McFarlane, Grace Bevilacqua, and Sokeo Ros. All of these instructors have great experience working in their art form, as well as working together in Everett’s Friday Night Live, a weekly improv comedy show. Grace said, “I know we are the perfect team to run an arts program like this. We are all so committed to the arts and teaching youth. We are also the most creative and fun group of people you could ask for… the students will love the open, expressive environment we create.”

This arts program is bound to be the hottest out there this summer! The program is open to youth 10 years and older. Students are guaranteed to have a great time learning, sharing, and performing at Everett this summer. To sign up for the camp, contact Edgar Viloria at (401) 573-1205 or at [email protected].

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