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Everett Alum “Women in Film” Award

Dear Friends,

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  Passion for Storytelling Through Film

Immediately when I walked in I could sense the creativity, safety and love

that Everett Company School and Stage fosters. At the time I was a freshmen at a

private high school in East Greenwich where I didn’t necessarily fit in with the

affluent suburban majority. Desperate for a place where I could be myself, I found

Everett. I started out at Everett hoping to become a world famous hip-hop dancer

under the direction of hip-hop instructor Sokeo Ros. While the classes certainly

improved my dance moves, by the first show it became clear to me that I should try

something else. The next year I changed schools to Classical High so I was able to

attend Everett everyday. I was into theater, so I started the improv classes that

Everett offered. If you’ve ever tried improv then you know what ridiculous, amazing, pain

relieving fun it can be. If you have never tried improv, well, I feel bad for you. The

good news is that it is never too late to start! I fell in love with improvisation to the

point where I would teach my friends at school and have them all playing

“questions” during down time in math.

I soon started the mentorship program where we would get together and

create stories. I can still remember Aaron’s relaxation speech as we lay on the floor

in a group thinking about our writing prompt for the day. The stories we wrote and

shared with one another brought us all closer to each other, at the same time

inspiring us all to dig deeper and articulate our truths. We acted out our stories and

made short films that we would produce and edit. During this time I realized my

passion for storytelling through film. When it was time to apply to colleges, I had to

make a film to send along to the film programs I wanted to get into. The film I

decided to make was a personal documentary about my unsuccessful relationship

with my father. Everett supported me through every step, and even paired me with

a professional video mentor. The film featured interviews with my father and

myself, as well as other family members discussing the reasons why my father was

absent from my life, and how to make the situation better. The film premiered at

Everett as well as on YouTube and the response I got was amazing. People truly

related to my story. It was the responses from this film that inspired me to continue

writing and producing films.

Everett noticed my passion for film and improv and allowed me to teach

classes through different programs. Not only did Everett give me the content

knowledge to teach these classes, but they also supported me in giving me teaching

techniques and conflict resolution ideas. Because of their support with giving me the

tools to be a great teacher, I was able to consistently get jobs involving teaching arts

including running my own film program at Community Preparatory School in

Providence, Fayerweather School in Cambridge, the Everett Summer Camp and

work with the Central Falls School district.

I went on to earn a BFA in film production from Emerson College in 2012. For

my BFA project I made a film called Got You. Got You is a story of a young girl who

discovers that her mother is having thoughts of suicide. Got You won the “women in

film” award at the 2013 Emerson Los Angeles Film Festival and was screened at the

2013 Cannes Short film corner, the “No Time Left” film festival in Paris, France, and

at the Council of Social Work Education film festival.

After graduating college I started to substitute teach in the Providence School

system. Because of Everett, teaching is a passion of mine that I plan to pursue. I am

currently in the masters of urban education program at Providence College and will

get my teaching certification soon. As a teacher I will make it a priority to integrate

the arts into my classroom, as I believe art can be a part of every subject in school. I

also plan to continue making my films and hope that they can continue to touch

people and promote thought and conversation.

I’ve tried to think about what my life would have been like without Everett

but it is hard because I don’t want to. I suppose there are many places where you

can learn different art forms, but above all the arts, Everett taught me self-worth,

self-confidence, and the skills to chase my dreams.

Bianca Bevilacqua

Everett Alum Shines on International Stage


My name is Anisha Gibbs and I am a proud family member of Everett! I started as a student over 10 years ago and in that time I became an artist, developing my talents and skills, which have led me to where I am today: Japan! Teaching the art that I love most…dance! Dance is universal and speaks all languages, one of the many things I’ve learned at Everett. As a high school kid, trying to find my way and my voice was difficult. I didn’t have any outlets in or after school until one day that changed my life forever. By word of mouth, I heard about Everett and a fellow upper classmate invited me to check it out.

I still remember today exactly how I felt when I walked in.  My eyes light up like a happy puppy wagging its tail. I saw hip-hop live, up-close and raw. That’s when I knew this magical place would change my life! I tell every young person I meet about my first experience at Everett and introduce them. Every person with a passion and a dream should have a place to learn and create. With your love and support, we can keep passing down our wisdom and knowledge to the younger generations.

At Everett, I worked my way up the ladder. I attended all of the different dance classes from break dancing to ballet to hip-hop. If they had it I was there! In 2004, Sokeo Ros and I co-founded the hip-hop crew called Case Closed! We performed and taught workshops, reaching our inner city young. We touched so many lives and you can, too, by helping us further this movement.

Once I graduated from college, I received a wonderful opportunity to travel the world as a dancer and choreographer for celebrity hip-hop artists, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of Everett’s media and film department. They helped me film and edit a dance reel and interview that I submitted for the opportunity that I thought was a one in a million chance. Since then I have traveled around the world twice, seeing places like Africa, France, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore, just to name a few.  And now I’m living in Japan for a month, teaching and spreading Everett’s wisdom internationally. Help make our youth’s dreams become a reality by donating from your heart. I am living proof that with Everett’s open arms and genuine people like yourselves, dreams do come true.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a place that I can call home. Your generosity will be appreciated and put to use by amazing dream-catchers like myself!


Anisha Gibbs

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