Everett School Values

Everett believes that through rigorous arts training, students learn to value and nurture their inner resources and to speak with their own voice. Through this training, students’ unique qualities and life experiences are treated not as obstacles to be overcome, but as valuable material which they can own and use.

Everett believes that youth have a basic need to practice art. Cuts to arts programs in the public schools mean that very few teenagers in Providence have this opportunity. Young people find Everett because they need to be there. Some of them arrive with evident talent; others discover abilities they never knew they had. Some will come to see themselves as artists and pursue more professional training; others will simply come to see themselves as a person with something of value to contribute to the world, pursuing a wide range of interests with passion and confidence.

Everett’s tiered training structure ensures the flexibility to respond to each student’s unique needs and abilities. Students begin by learning specific artistic disciplines through rigorous after-school classes. They have the opportunity to receive more advanced artistic challenges and individualized attention by moving into the Mentorship program. Students who show special commitment and potential may have the opportunity to train and perform alongside the professional company as part of the Apprenticeship program. At every stage, students are taught and advised by members of Everett’s professional Company, who model their work in the School on the processes and principles they value as artists.

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