In 2017, Case Closed!  hip-hop dance group members Jemmarie Dupuis and Laisha Crum took on the role of training a younger group of Everett hip-hop dancers to become the next generation of Case Closed!.

This new group is called Case Closed Generations!. The more advanced Case Closed! dance artists are taking on a mentorship role for the new, up and coming hip-hop dancers. The mentors hold rehearsals with the young Case Closed Generations! dancers, set up performance opportunities, and serve as role models, showing the positive outcomes when an individual commits to their incredible talents. This group of nine dancers, age 7-12, along with their four mentors have already had two performances and plan to be very active throughout the year.  They focus on the expansion of hip-hop dance and theater to the urban community, as well as other communities, transforming what could be negativity into creativity.


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