Case Closed!, founded by Sokeo Ros in 2004, promotes the empowerment of youth through performing arts. We focus on the expansion of hip-hop dance and theater to the urban community, as well as other communities, transforming what could be negativity into creativity. In 2017, Case Closed! competed in the Hit the Floor Dance Competition at the University of Rhode Island, taking second place. Also, during the summer of 2017, Case Closed! will be performing at the PTOWN Dance Fest in Provincetown, MA, from June 22-25. From August 9th to the 13th, Case Closed! will be performing a new dance and theater piece at The Yard in Martha’s Vineyard about why we dance and what it means to us.
“The stage is yours, now own it!”-Case Closed!
Written by: Jem Dupuis
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