Everett’s Brain Cafés are a series of free presentations that invite audiences to engage with scientists, humanities scholars, clinicians and artists in a dialogue at the intersections of neuroscience, social justice, medicine and the arts.

This Brain Café series is part of Everett Company’s research and development process in creating a new work, entitled Good Grief. Good Grief is born from Everett’s work with groups of middle schooled students suffering from trauma. Everett explores how emotions live in the body and how we access them for healing. Humor is often an invaluable lifeline. Good Grief interweaves social justice, the science behind emotions, and human contentedness in multimedia dance theater that brings the hidden to light. Everett artists grew up in the same neighborhoods and share similar experiences of trauma as the middle school students they are working with. The company members draw upon their own childhood experiences as material for this work. This is a process of a community embodying its stories of trauma to foster healing and transformation. By sharing this specific local reality, the company creates art that more broadly depicts the human condition.


Everett’s Freedom Cafés are a series of free presentations that create a dialogue at the intersection of social justice, the humanities and the arts.

They bring together artists, educators, activists, scholars and community members to share their knowledge and experiences in an open dialogue with the audience. They have also been an important part of Everett Company’s research and development process for the creation of Freedom Project.



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