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March 7, 2013
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The Brain Cafés are back!


The Brain Café: Stay Until Tomorrow

March 21, 2013 @ 7:30pm

The Brain Café is a free series of presentations that invite audiences to engage in a dialogue at the intersection of neuroscience, medicine, and the arts.

Therapist Vivian Reddin, LPC  and filmmaker Bianca Morris will present at the next Brain Café, Stay until Tomorrow.

Bianca Morris screens her prizewinning short film, Got You. Turning her camera on a single mother looking for employment in tough economic times, Morris does not shy away from the ways a hostile social environment can weigh on individuals and family, causing depression and hopelessness.

Therapist Vivian Reddin poses questions for discussion: What does depression look like? What does one do when worried about a parent or friend, or when one hears about someone so depressed they might hurt themselves? How do you take care of yourself to reduce symptoms of depression? What resources are available in the Providence area?


Upcoming Brain Cafés: April 18 & May 16 @ 7:30pm


Bianca Morris
Bianca grew up making movies in Everett’s mentorship program. She received her BFA from Emerson College’s Film program. Her senior thesis project was a film entitled, Got You, which just screened at the 2013 Emerson Los Angeles Film showcase, where she received the Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf ’71 Women in Film Award. Several of her films won “audience favorite” at the American Theatre of Harlem Film Festival in New York City.Her work has also been shown at the RI Film Festival.  Bianca has taught video at various after-school and summer programs, and is also a freelance videographer and skilled photographer who continues to refine and expand her talents in capturing moments. She is currently a member of Everett’s comedy improvisation troupe Friday Night Live and host of Everett’s Open Stage.

Vivian Reddin, LPC
is an outgoing, direct, compassionate, creative therapist that lives in the moment with enthusiasm and optimism. She  believes in treating people with respect and non-judgment. Her mission is to help heal through laughter, play, exercise, nutrition and healthy communication. She works together with her clients making realistic, obtainable goals, and advocates for those frustrated with medications that are not working, through a thorough diagnosis, and communication with schools or other health professionals involved.
If her clients are not laughing when they leave her office, she is  not doing her job. Laugh, dance, cry, scream, talk, write and above all love yourself. Just don’t do IT! She is  a Licensed Professional Counselor with an office in East Greenwich and PhD Candidate researching on how humor helps resiliency. If you would like to read her blog about how humor helps you deal with trauma and grief, or you need information about mental health please go to




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