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Everett believes that through rigorous arts training, students learn to value and nurture their inner resources and to speak with their own voice. Through this training, students’ unique qualities and life experiences are treated not as obstacles to be overcome, but as valuable material which they can own and use.

Everett believes that youth have a basic need to practice art. Cuts to arts programs in the public schools mean that very few teenagers in Providence have this opportunity. Young people find Everett because they need to be there. Some of them arrive with evident talent; others discover abilities they never knew they had. Some will come to see themselves as artists and pursue more professional training; others will simply come to see themselves as a person with something of value to contribute to the world, pursuing a wide range of interests with passion and confidence.

Everett’s tiered training structure ensures the flexibility to respond to each student’s unique needs and abilities. Students begin by learning specific artistic disciplines through rigorous after-school classes. They have the opportunity to receive more advanced artistic challenges and individualized attention by moving into the Mentorship program. Students who show special commitment and potential may have the opportunity to train and perform alongside the professional company as part of the Apprenticeship program. At every stage, students are taught and advised by members of Everett’s professional Company, who model their work in the School on the processes and principles they value as artists.


Grace Bevilacqua: Story Ballet

Grace performs comedy improv every week in Everett’s Friday Night Live and teaches Story Ballet at Everett’s School. Grace joined Everett’s School at six years old as a ballet student and has trained under Rachael Jungels ever since. She has been a featured actor in the documentary Mama’s Girls (directed by Aaron Jungels) and in her sister Justine Bevilacqua’s movie, Cross Over Blues. Grace also performed in Silas and Silas the Teenager, directed by Aaron Jungels, in Everett’s The Smiling Lady and in Everett’s touring piece, BRAIN STORM. Grace, along with several other Everett Company members, was an artist-in-residence at the 2010 conference, Field of Vision, sponsored by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Grace is a member of Sokeo Ros’s dance company, Case Closed!, and performs all over New England mixing her ballet technique with the company’s hip-hop choreography.


Justine Bevilacqua: Video Class

In 2009, Justine received a BFA in film from Emerson College. Her thesis film, Hide & Seek, was selected for the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Emerson Los Angeles Film Festival, where she received the Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf ’71 Women in Film Award. After graduation, Justine worked as first assistant director for the independent feature film, Serial Buddies, shot behind-the-scenes footage for the Brendan Fraser film Furry Vengeance, and free-lanced as a cameraman and editor. Justine discovered her interest in film when participating in Everett’s mentorship program during middle and high school. She produced short videos, performed regularly as part of the program’s comedy improv troupe, and learned the technical aspects of the theater, designing lights for professional artist groups. Justine now teaches Video at Everett’s School and works as a videographer and editor for Fresh Focus Productions in Providence. Justine is also currently shooting a web series, Sticks and Stones, starring many youth from Everett’s School. The series deals with many issues including economic struggle, homophobia, gun violence and acceptance.


Ari Brisbon: High School Improv

Ari is a graduate of the Hope High Arts Magnet program and began classes at Everett’s School at fourteen. In 2007, he received a full scholarship to the theatre bridge pre-college program at Brown. Ari won the Rhode Island State Shakespeare competition in 2008. He was a lead actor in Justine Bevilacqua’s film Hide & Seek. In the fall of 2009, Ari was an artist in residence at the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in New Hampshire. In 2010, he began performing with Everett in their educational shows. Ari performs weekly with Everett’s Friday Night Live improv comedy troupe and teaches High School Improv at the School. He was an artist-in-residence at the 2010 conference, Field of Vision, sponsored by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts.  Ari is currently the lead actor in Justine Bevilacqua series, Sticks and Stones.


Carolyn Castro: Polynesian

Carolyn Castro is director of Napua O Polynesian and teacher of the advanced Polynesian class at Everett’s School. She and her troupe performed in the 1996 and 2005 International Hula Festival and have been invited back to participate this year. She has studied Polynesian culture for over 15 years with Kumu Hula teachers throughout Polynesia. Napua O Polynesia has also been invited to perform in Africa as well as the Cape Verdean Islands.


Cherie Castro: Polynesian

Cherie Castro has been a member of Napua O Polynesia for many years now. She began dancing at the age of three. She has performed at many events throughout Rhode Island and was a participant in the International Hula Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii in 1996 and 2005. She has performed throughout New England and the United States. She has also been teaching at Everett’s School for seven years.


Aaron Jungels: Executive/Artistic Director/Writing for Performance

Aaron is co-founder and co-artistic director of Everett and brings a variety of skills in performance, design, and media creation to his work with the Company. Aaron graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in film and video, and studied acting at Trinity Rep Conservatory. In addition to designing and constructing many of the innovative props, set pieces, and non-traditional projection surfaces used by Everett, Aaron renovated a carriage house that is home to the Company’s studio theater and School. For his work outside of Everett, Aaron has received fellowships and grants from the Creative Capital MAP Fund and from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.


Dorothy Jungels: Executive/Artistic Director Improv and Musical Improv

When Dorothy co-founded Everett in 1986, after receiving a Choreographer‘s Fellowship from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, she brought to the Company a lifetime of experience in the visual arts, dance and education.  She is also the recipient of a Rhode Island Foundation Fellowship and six fellowships from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.  Under Dorothy’s direction, Everett has been recognized with a Bessie, a New York Dance and Performance award, a Pell Award for excellence in the arts, and the Rhode Island Alliance in Education Award for combining science and art. 

Sokeo Ros: Director of Case Closed! Advanced Hip-Hop & Beginner  Hip-Hop

Sokeo was born in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand, arriving in the United States at the age of three. As a sophomore in high school he began performing with the Carriage House Performers, a Providence-based hip-hop group. In 1998, Sokeo joined Everett as a creator and performer and has taught many master classes in universities throughout his touring experience. Sokeo also tours throughout New England in Everett’s educational shows. He is the director of the hip-hop program at Everett’s School and has taught at many Rhode Island institutions including Central Falls High School, Highlander School, and the Rhode Island School of Design. Sokeo also directs the hip-hop based troupe, Case Closed!, which he founded in 2004. Case Closed! has performed at venues across New England including the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Brown University and the Providence Performing Arts Center. Sokeo received a Rhode Island State Council on the Arts grant to develop a hip-hop theater piece, Culture Shock. Currently, he is a performer and creator of Everett’s new work, BRAIN STORM, and developing a new Case Closed! piece called “A Daydream in the Ghetto”.

JOSEPH HENDERSON: Beginner improv

A member of Case Closed! for two years, Joseph recently joined the cast of Friday Night Live. Joseph had the lead last year in Everett’s holiday show, Santa’s Son, and performed at Brown’s Granoff Center with Everett in the Freedom Café, Dear Mr. President. Joseph is currently in Everett’s student teacher program working in area schools with Edgar Viloria teaching hip hop, and at Everett teaching beginner improv. Joseph founded hip hop group Shweaty Sensation in 2013.