Freedom Project

Everett Announces New Work – Freedom Project

Everett has started the second year of a three-year research and creation process for the development of our new touring piece. Freedom Project will be a multi-disciplinary documentary theater production that shares the stories of people who have been marginalized by America’s criminal justice system. The project examines and critiques that system through the juxtapositions of personal stories with jarring statistics that reveal gross racial and socio-economic disparities in the way the law is applied, especially in regard to the War on Drugs.

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Freedom Project Videos:

Freedom Project: Freedom Café - Hip-Hop Saved My Life

Freedom Project: Freedom Café - A Boy Named Nothing

Freedom Project: Freedom Café - Dear Mr. President

Everett’s Open Stage: P.U.S.H. and Tru Love


RI Monthly: Little Company, Huge Ideas

Everett: Company, Stage and School in Providence forgoes dusty playbills filled with decades-old ideas for progressive, thought-provoking material that can’t be seen anywhere else. The company, cofounded in 1986 by Dorothy, Aaron and Rachael Jungels, is known for producing powerful pieces of hybrid dance/theater backed by thorough academic and community research. Members are currently in the midst of a two-year research and development endeavor, called the Freedom Project, in collaboration with Brown University. Read More

Freedom Project: Freedom Café

The Freedom Project Freedom Café examined issues related to incarceration, such as the disproportionate number of prisoners of color in the prison system, and the prison system’s default role as society’s solution to addiction and other mental health issues. The evening included poetry and personal stories from a Providence native who grew up in the prison system. Read More