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August 1, 2012
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August 6, 2012

CASE CLOSED! at International Charter School Block Party

3pm September 8th 2012 Pleasant St Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Case Closed! was founded by Sokeo Ros in 2004 to promote the empowerment of youth through performing arts. They focus on the expansion of hip-hop dance and theater to the urban community, as well as other communities, transforming what could be negativity in creativity.


Many of the youth in the group do not have an outlet for their potential or artistry, and Case Closed! offers them the opportunity to become leaders and role models for others in the community through their performances. They have performed at many different venues, such as community centers, school, cutural festivals, universities to Sound Session, Providence Performing Arts Center, Veterans Memorial Auditorium and their home stage at Everett.


Case Closed! continues to work with the community to encourage the movement of youth empowerment through the arts. “Through negativity comes great Creativity!” and “The stage is yours, now own it!” –Case Closed!


 For more information about Case Closed! and it’s members CLICK HERE!

Interested In Booking Case Closed! For your next Event Contact:

Sokeo Ros


(401) 585-6107

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