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Marriage of Art and Science Study Guide

Marriage of Art and Science Study Guide

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Improv Comedy


              In Improv Comedy there are no scripts, props, or sets – just highly skilled performers armed only with their imaginations. Improv is not only entertaining, but also demonstrates: -On-your-feet thinking -Teamwork -Communication skills -Active listening -Innovation   -Click here for booking info -Click here to view a video […]

The Marriage of Art & Science


The Marriage of Art & Science brings the fun of science to life! Students will learn about the principles of:                           -Center-of-gravity with a giant lever and fulcrum                           -Conservation of energy with a bowling ball pendulum                           -Weight distribution with a bed of nails                           -And much more!   -Click here for booking info […]

Breaking Down Science


              Breaking Down Science harnesses the fascination and excitement of breakdancing to hook students on the scientific method. This interactive performance uncovers the hidden world of science in the twists, spins and flips of the breakdancer and the use of fun props like gigantic tops, a hover-craft, and a […]

Written in the Air


A Show on Conflict Resolution             In Written in the Air, sketch comedy sends the message of peace to the brain via the funny bone. In this show, students will learn about: -Emotional intelligence -Tolerance -De-escalating a conflict -Inventing peaceful solutions -The positive effect of laughter Age-appropriate versions of the […]