Sokeo Ros Artistic Director/Choreographer

Sokeo was born in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand, arriving in the United States at the age of three. As a sophomore in high school he began performing with the Carriage House Performers, a Providence-based hip-hop group. In 1998, Sokeo joined Everett as a creator and performer and has taught many master classes in universities throughout his touring experience. Sokeo also tours throughout New England in Everett’s educational shows. He is the director of the hip-hop program at Everett’s School and has taught at many Rhode Island institutions including Central Falls High School, Highlander School, and the Rhode Island School of Design. Sokeo also directs the hip-hop based troupe, Case Closed!, which he founded in 2004. Case Closed! has performed at venues across New England including the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Brown University and the Providence Performing Arts Center. Sokeo received a Rhode Island State Council on the Arts grant to develop a hip-hop theater piece, Culture Shock. Currently, he is a performer and creator of Everett’s new work, BRAIN STORM, and developing the Case Closed! piece called “A Daydream in the Ghetto”.

Laisha Crum Assistant Choreographer/Performer

Everett presents Open Stage, a monthly event for young performers featuring house dance troupe Case Closed! and hosted by Everett’s Sokeo Ros & Bianca Bevilacqua. Open Stage happens on the first Friday of each month from 8 to 9:30 p.m., immediately following the Friday Night Live comedy show at 7 p.m. The aim is to give local youth performers a forum to show their talents in front of a live audience. Each show will feature a different headliner and local hip hop theater troupe Case Closed! Audience members will have the opportunity to sign up for a 5-minute performance slot before each show.

Grace Bevilacqua Managing Director/Performer

Grace performs comedy improv every week in Everett’s Friday Night Live and teaches Story Ballet at Everett’s School. Grace joined Everett’s School at six years old as a ballet student and has trained under Rachael Jungels ever since. She has been a featured actor in the documentary Mama’s Girls (directed by Aaron Jungels) and in her sister Justine Bevilacqua’s movie, Cross Over Blues. Grace also performed in Silas and Silas the Teenager, directed by Aaron Jungels; in Everett’s The Smiling Lady and in Everett’s touring piece, BRAIN STORM. Grace, along with several other Everett Company members, was an artist-in-residence at the 2010 conference, Field of Vision, sponsored by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Grace is a member of Sokeo Ros’s dance company, Case Closed!, and performs all over New England mixing her ballet technique with the company’s hip-hop choreography.

Cheyenne Isom BarnStomer/Performer

“Dancing was and still is one of my favorite passions. I started out tap dancing around the age 5, then I started getting into hip hop and krump dancing with my sister. I wanted to expand my dancing and learn other styles of dance as well. I wanted to take it to the next level, so I joined Everett. I started taking classes at Everett in 2010 at the age 16.  Throughout my 2 years there, I was recommended by my sister to join Case Closed!; a professional dance company run by Sokeo Ros. I joined Case Closed! in 2011 at the age of 17. My dancing became more advanced from using different dance techniques and  styles of styles that I learned at Everett. I gained experience by performing in front of  many crowds and also gained work experience from other members of the company. I was able to help others outside of the group also because of what I learned. As a bonus, I became closer with my Case Closed! members who I now call my second family. In the near future, I plan on continuing my dancing with Case Closed! and hopefully pursue a career in choreography to explore other dance options.” 

Sandra Crum Performer

“I began dancing at Everett in 2013. What drove me to dance was seeing my cousins having fun and performing I wanted to do the same. Once I started dancing it was everything to me it became my passion I felt free what a perfect way to express myself,I felt like I mattered. In 2014 I joined Case Closed! which was the best year ever I always wanted to be apart of a dance group, I got a chance to perform in different parts of the state an show my talent. I got to learn hip hop, popping, break dancing and more. Case Closed! became like a second family to me every experience an skill I learned I plan to take it far in life an hope to one day teach my own dance class.”

Jemmarie Dupuis BarnStomer/ Performer

“I’ve been taking hip hop classes since I was eight years old. In 2007 I came to Everett and watched one of the hip hop shows. Soon after my first experience at Everett I went to Sokeo Ros to start taking his classes. The classes were split up by grade, I was in middle school at the time but I couldn’t make it in time to take the middle school hip hop class so I had to take the high school class. I was the youngest person in the class. In 2014 i joined Everetts hip hop crew Case Closed! I got the chance to perform around the New England area and show my style of dance. This was such a great experience for me. I gained more dance skills and even got to create a bond with each Case Closed! member.”

Tiana Whittington Performer

Tiana started performing when she 3 years old. Starting with ballet then at 8 moving on to hip hop. During middle school she participated in a lot of plays so she was always comfortable on stage. Around the age of 12 some major things changed in her life and she had trouble coping.About a year later she came to Everett. She then joined Case Closed! were she was able to explore new dancing skills an elements. She now uses her dancing as an outlet and performs all over New England. 


A member of Case Closed! for two years, Joseph joined the cast of Friday Night Live and also started teaching dance classes for youth. He had the lead last year in Everett’s holiday show, Santa’s Son, and performed at Brown’s Granoff Center with Everett in the Freedom Café, Dear Mr. President. Joseph is currently in Everett’s student teacher program working in area schools with Sokeo Ros teaching hip hop, and at Everett teaching beginner improv. Joseph  founded hip hop group Shweaty Sensation in 2013 from there he took his dancing to the next stage.