July 25, 2012
What do Science and Art have to offer each other?
August 1, 2012

Next Brain Café: Oct. 17

Featured guest Nancy Worthen tells the story of her daughter who is minimally conscious after experiencing a stroke.

The Brain Café is a free series of presentations that invite audiences to engage in a dialogue at the intersections of neuroscience, medicine and the arts.

 “I guess what’s really exciting to me is how a doctor can be there with a dancer and with the audience and everyone getting a chance to talk from a deeper place then just the intellectual level.” -Nancy Worthen

Also Presenter John Simeral: Dr. Simeral is a leading authority on neural interface systems research and development. As Chief Systems Engineer for the BrainGate2 Neural Interface System project and clinical trial, his work aims to leverage state-of-the-art advances in computer science, machine learning, and neuroscience toward the neural control of computers and next-generation prosthetic arms and hands. Dr. Simeral’s research has been published in leading scientific journals such as Nature, the Journal of Neuroscience, Hippocampus, and the Journal of Neuroengineering, and has been presented at numerous scientific conference.

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